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The Roofing Contractor for Chicago is Chicago roofing Guys Company. Our services include Free Roof Estimates, Roof Repair, and Roof Replacement. Our commitment to the Chicago Metro area has been the cornerstone of our success. The Project Managers at Chicago roofing Guys are dedicated to excellence in our craftsmanship as well as our service. The difference is evident when you select Chicago roofing Guys  Company for your roofing services.

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As a Roofing Contractor for 23 years, we have a vast amount of experience with many different types of roof systems. We have installed many residential roofs such as asphalt Timberline and Architectural Shingles. Also, GAF Modified Bitumen is a material we install onto low slope roof structures such as a flat roof  or porch.

We provide Emergency Roofing Contractor Services 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience. In time of need we will be there to help you with your damaged or leaking roof system. Our team of professionals will respond quickly and get your home water proofed as soon as possible.

Hail Damaged Roofs and Insurance Claims has been the bulk of business for most Roofing Contractors in the Chicago Metro area due to the severe weather from 2007, 2008, and 2009. If you suspect that you have any type of Storm Damage, then we are the Roofing Contractor for you.

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This is a roof that was replaced in Chicago due to Hail Damage and high winds. As your Chicago Roofing Contractor, we are equipped and knowledgeable to handle any Insurance Claim from the initiation of the call to the letter of completion that we file on your behalf to the Insurance Company We also manage Leaking Roof Repair Chicago IL

Chicago roofing Guys  Company of Chicago is a full service roofing company. We look forward to being your Roofing Contractor.

Roofing Accessories, Ridge Ventilation | Free Estimate

The cost of roof replacement is substantial, the homeowners will face many decisions that they are probably not prepared to make.  After calling a few roofing companies to get a quote and learning that each is offering very different  results with varying costs, the decision process gets more difficult.  A trip to a building supply store will result in an awareness of many choices in roofing products and advise from salesmen making the decision process seem simple since it will be based primarily on roof cost of material.  If there is anything that is done wrong during the installation process that results in leaks or exposure to weather, the cost of redoing the replacement will become increasingly more costly.   The solution to making the best decisions is through gaining knowledge. If you are looking for Roofers in chicago IL. You can contact us!

A major part of roof maintenance is keeping the rain gutters clear of leaves and other debris.  It seems pretty smart to get a product that will keep the rain gutters from clogging with debris and letting the rain water flow freely.  The product offered by Owens Corning is so efficient that it will reduce maintenance requirements.  The drudgery of having to climb a ladder and clean the gutters will be reduced significantly.

Ventilation accessories are also critical.  The hot air or moisture in the air needs a way to escape the attic before it causes damage.  There are many ways to ventilate a roof and the information supplied here is very impressive.  I particularly liked the ridge vents and realize that some inexperienced roof contractors may overlook the value of this product.

A most critical accessory to any roof is the ice and water barrier products.  The primary purpose is to prevent damage from wind driven rain which will blow into crevices with enough pressure to get into places normally protected by gravity.  Choosing these products is based on style of roof and local climate.  These products are used not on the entire roof, but only in the areas where water has a tendency to collect or flow.  The remainder of the roof must be covered with underlayment products.

Underlayment products have come a long way since the old days when tar paper was used.  The purpose of these products is to protect the wooden areas of the roof from water seepage usually from wind driven rain but also from small cracks in the tiles or cracks between different materials.

The edges of a roof need special protection.  Hip and ridge shingles provide this protection and also provide an aesthetic improvement or finished look to the roof peaks.  When a roof has peaks that go in different directions,  in addition to the top of the peaks, there has to be something to join the planes of the roof together.

The tiles on a roof are started at the bottom of the roof and each layer is added in an overlapping pattern to promote shedding of the water.  This makes the first or bottom layer awkward because of tile tabs and the shape of the tiles designed to go on the previous layer.  An accessory that helps ease the installation of that first layer is known as starter shingles.  They come in a variety of materials  allowing for an increased efficiency of new roof  installation.

Knowledge of these roofing accessories will help in the decision process of choosing a roof type and in determining if the Chicago roofing contractor really knows what he is doing.  A very significant value in roofing cost has to do with the warranty.  The cost of a roof is high enough to make the warranty critical.  The materials that make a roof good for 10 years are not usually half the cost of the materials for one that is good for 20 or 25 years.  The cost of installation will be close no matter how long the warranty is in effect.  Start with good materials and good accessories to get the best value.